Plastics Kit – Blue


Complete OE plastic kit

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Kit includes:                  

1 x 17D-21511-50 Front fender                         
1 x 1SS-21610-00 Rear fender                           
1 x 1SS-21710-00 Side cover assembly 1                     
1 x 1SS-21720-00 Side cover assembly 2                    
1 x 1SS-21730-00 Side cover assembly 3                    
1 x 1SS-21740-00 Side cover assembly 4                    
1 x 17D-23485-50 Number plate (see note below)


Note: For the YZ125 you need to re-use the original (old) front number plate mounting collar that the mounting screw goes through (this is not necessary for the YZ250)                               


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